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Why Reboot Marvel?

In  1997, Van Plexico created MV-1, an enormous and constantly expanding fanfic universe which shared continuity that picked up immediately after the end of Heroes Reborn. Much of that project has vanished from the web, but Randy Lander, who wrote New Warriors, The Vault and co-wrote Web of Spider-Man (among others) for MV-1 got a bit nostalgic in July 2012 and started looking around for his own stories. A couple days later, he thought he might want to try doing a shared Marvel Universe fanfic site again, and threw the notion casually out to some Facebook friends.

Two days, 38 potential writers and 20 pitched titles later, the MV-2 Universe was born. There was a lot of enthusiasm and ideas, and one of the first questions was whether to pick up from current Marvel continuity or do a reboot. The reboot won by a vast majority, and thus it was decided to start MV-2 in 2012. However, some books are period pieces set in previous time periods, and several characters have been around prior to the beginning of the current heroic age. A timeline is available to show when some characters existed in the Marvel Rebooted universe.

Initially, Marvel Rebooted published 5 days a week every month, launching with 20 titles. The 20 launched titles were:

Week One:

SHIELD, The Hood, Shroud & The Night Shift, Iron Man, Strange Tales

Week Two:

Daredevil, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Gambit, Silver Surfer

Week Three:

Thor, Runaways, Spider-Man, Defenders, Deadpool

Week Four:

Hulk, X-Men, Captain America, Punisher, Wolverine

So we might have a Marvel Universe without this buffoon.


Sadly, after only a year run of consistent work, life caught up to many of the writers and storytellers of Marvel Rebooted. Submissions dried up, and updates became infrequent.

But it was not the end. Writer T.C. De Witt had this to say:


Hello everyone, and thank you for stopping by. Thank you all for reading, and supporting Randy’s universe and letting us all share with you our versions of these wonderful characters. Please keep supporting creative projects like this. Artists want to share their imaginations, not for money, but for the passion of it, and, just as importantly, for the fun of it. And this? This has been fun, hasn’t it? But, as it has been quite some time since we last saw one another, I would like to explain what’s what:

Writing in the world of fan fiction is, first and foremost, a fantastic hobby. I can’t speak for everyone who has been involved here on the site, but I certainly never thought of this as a way to “break into the industry”. For me, this has been an amazing exercise in creativity. I love writing, and any excuse to write is a good one. When Randy offered up this opportunity, I was quite intrigued, and I thought, “Hey, this could be fun. Especially because I’m more of a DC guy… yeah, yeah it is a good idea to do this. Good thinking… Why are you talking to yourself?… Hey, Thor should have that… Brilliant!” And so began our adventure.

What made me the most excited was the creative mob that took on this challenge. There are writers of all ages, abilities, and style here on the site, and it was as eclectic of a mix as the heroes of the Marvel universe. I enjoyed watching the writers here challenge themselves. Some went so far from the original characters, while others managed to breath fresh life into characters no one could’ve cared about until they got their reboot. I never knew how cool Dr. Strange could be until he came out of Nate Bliss’ head. I didn’t even know who the Defenders were until Randy introduced us to his group. I had no idea Shield could be as exciting as any TV series, and it was Nick Budd who proved me wrong. The creation of newer and untested versions of characters we knew (or maybe didn’t know) so well, the fresh takes on characters that really, truly needed the rebirth, the fan-love of the heroes written by writers who must have been waiting for years to have the chance to tell their own version of the characters they dreamed of having control over – For these reason, I’m thankful for Marvel Rebooted.

But alas, after several months of powering through… the stream of books ceased. Life just got in the way for many of us, some more than others. Our brilliant and wonderful leader Randy Lander has been dealing with very serious medical issues that have prevented him from keeping the gas in the car that is Marvel Rebooted. Without him to leading the charge here, many of the books sadly just fizzled away. Many of us kept our hopes high that it would all get going again. A plan was set into motion to relaunch, but again, life smacked us down. It’s life. It’s the pains of living in the creative world. There will be no paycheck, there will be very little love or recognition. In the end, all we will have for ourselves are the trappings of our imaginations and a handful of eyes to share them with. Sadly, bills must be paid, roads must be traveled, and along the way, we must let go of the little things that get in the way.

So now, here we are. What does this mean for us? Again, I cannot speak for the rest of my fellow MR writers, but I am not through. I’ve been sitting on issues of Thor and Iron Man for months now, and I’m not just going to let them sit on my computer with no one reading them.

I’m going to put them here for you all, at least until I’ve completed the tales I set out to tell. I want to finish the story of the guy who would become a God and the engineer who would become a hero, and my hope is that you all want to see where the stories end.

And my even greater hope is that I am not alone in this. I hope the others here on the site are invested enough to finish their stories. I know I want to read them. I’m sure many of you out there want to finish them too. I cannot force anyone to, nor am I asking them to finish, I am simply putting it out there that the desire exists.

So, yes, the Marvel Rebooted Universe has staggered. It sits before you now winded and broken, but I dare say, not dead. The heroes wait for their catharsis – for their climax. They wait for fingers to grace keys and unfold their very beings. I can only guide the heroes I’ve taken responsibility for and promise you all that I will complete the journey! Because I can’t stand an unfinished story. It may be the showman in me, but I’ve always believed that despite the falling down or the broken road or the rain or shine, the show must go on.

So, my friends, come back here when you can. Come read our silly little tales. This fiction. This adventure.

And maybe, if we’re all so lucky, there will be another hero to read…

… or two…

or three…

Thank you all for reading, and supporting Randy’s universe.

T.C. De Witt


So, here we are now, years after and the site remains. New stories still appear. New pitches are still being accepted. As long as there are fans with the imaginations and ability to share their visions, there will be a Marvel Rebooted.


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  • Can we do stories that are sort of non canon like Nextwave or Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine?
    Can we use stories from previous continuities like One More Day (yes, I have a story for that one) or The Clone Saga?
    Will there be What If’s?
    Can I feature other fictional characters such as The Doctor or The cast of MLP?

  • Great idea. No thoughs on art for this stuff? Also be cool to colaborate on some original stories/art there’s certainly seems no shortage of talent. 😉

  • Sean, Nextwave is specifically prohibited because I hate it and don’t want it in my universe. :)

    Non-canon is not in the plans for now. For now, everything is continuity. Previous continuity is frowned upon, the idea is to do something fresh, but if you’ve got a great take on an old idea (Infinity gauntlet, Clone Saga, etc.) that’s possible.

    No What If for now. No crossing over of characters from other universes, the idea is to treat this as if we were running Marvel, which means using their characters and their universe.

    Travis, fan art is welcome, but most of the contributors are writers, not artists, so it’s gonna be prose-heavy. Although check out Stephan’s Hulk for a really cool lend of art and writing.

    • hahaha I forgot you despise NEXTWAVE :)

  • But do the old comic storylines still continue?

  • Can we use stories with incursions in them.

    • Anything goes! If you want to tell a story with an attack, go right ahead! T.C. De Witt is our current EIC, so contact him if you would like to write for the site.


  • Hey I was wondering if this site is still active? I’m looking to further explore my creative abilities, possibly with some writing and artwork but I just wanted to check to see if people are still around here. Thanks!

    • Captain Nash,
      We sure are still active! (Albeit not as frequently as when we started) We are always looking for new writers. If you are genuinely interested, I am the current EiC for the site (Randy got a bit busy and had to step away for the time being). If you’d like to send a pitch on over to me, email me at tc@firmamentfilms.com. Looking forward to hear from you!
      T.C. De Witt

      • Are you guys still active?

  • Randy Lander, l have read your page “Write for Us” and I wonder if it is the news for this year? I want to write and submit my pitch but I don’t know is still work or not anymore. Would you please let me? Thank you

    • Hi there, Tokie,
      We are always looking for new writers. If you are genuinely interested, I am the current EiC for the site (Randy got a bit busy and had to step away for the time being). If you’d like to send a pitch on over to me, email me at tc@firmamentfilms.com.
      Looking forward to hear from you!
      T.C. De Witt

      • Hi T.C.
        Thank you for responding. I’m wondering if you could tell me a bit about Marvel Rebooted? I’m not clear yet. Does Marvel Rebooted is a new project? And how about Marvel Comic? Thank you.

        • This is a fan fiction site. The writers here just re-imagine their favorite Marvel heroes and villains in new and fun ways, like a poor Tony Stark, Frank Castle as the head of Shield, or the Fantastic Four as near immortals.

  • Is there a list of that I can look at of characters that have not been used yet? Or do I simply have to look through the archives to find out?

    Also why no to the banned characters, just curious.

    • Hey, Ronin,
      T.C. here, current EiC for the MRU.
      When Randy formed this fun little fanfic universe, he was hoping to form a fantastic Marvel that didn’t have some of the characters he loathed, such as Sentry, who is, let’s be honest, a terrible character. It was his world to form, so he banned a few of those characters.
      For the most part, if you just click the “titles” tab above, you can get a good idea of the characters that have been used. Really though, many of the writers have moved on and never finished their stories. So, if you wanted to write a character that has already had some stories, they may be available for you to continue. If you have an idea for a series or just some questions, send me an email with a brief description of what you’d like to do.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I am a user on Marvel Wikia, my fellow Marvel Zombies have a lot of fan fic and are looking for a place to join.

    I know life gets hectic, but I would like to offer my services to help the website. As I stated before I have people who have fan fics.

    • Hey there, Ronin. Thanks for your interest in the MRU. Why don’t we connect via gmail (tcsbighead@gmail.com) or facebook (T.C. De Witt) and discuss this further.

  • I have a plan for new super hero comic,he is totally awesome(u will get to know once u hear the story)
    But as u say that characters to be used are confined to superheroes which marvel already has
    I want to know about the list of characters that have not been used yet

  • Ok this is too much to ask
    But I want to pursue my career as a story writer in marvel
    Will that be possible if I send u some of my stories or u want me to develop a comic and send it

    • Hello, Sanjay,
      Marvel Rebooted is a fan fiction site. Our only affiliation with Marvel is our collective love for the comics and characters. As much as we’d all like to believe our little tales here could give a shot at the big-time, it is sadly not the case. This site is strictly for the fun of writing Marvel characters in a way we’ve always envisioned them.
      If you’d like to pitch a story idea for a specific Marvel character, send an email to me at tcsbighead@gmail.com.

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  • Can we create new characters as well?

    • Hi, Daniel. Yes, new characters are welcome, though setting them in a story with an known or a variation on a known character is preferred. For examples, look to Thor Rebooted, which features an entirely new version of the character, Moon Knight, which features a young girl taking on the mantel once used by Marc Spektor, or The Hood for new supporting characters.