The (Young) Avengers – A Marvel Rebooted One Shot

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Randy Lander presents
a Marvel Rebooted One Shot
The (Young) Avengers
by Luca Nemeskéri.

young avenger_header

New York.

The city where dreams are born.

The city of liberty.

The City of heroes.

The city that never stops moving. And trust me when I say: nobody can move as fast as Speed does, and he is in a big hurry. A 500m/s big hurry.

Thomas Shepherd AKA Speed raced through the streets of the City dodging cars and pedestrians  in a blur.  As he zoomed around a corner, he narrowly missed a man carrying a stack of papers. In the blink of an eye, he side-stepped the man, but Speed’s tailwind sent the papers soaring out of his hands and fluttering every which way.

“Oops!” Thomas said, but he didn’t slow down. He couldn’t be blamed for his haste. A half minute ago, he received a call from Kate Bishop AKA (not that) Hawkeye. She wanted to meet him at her apartment, and it sounded urgent. At the moment, as he zipped forward, this was the best thing that could happen to him.

I haven’t heard of Kate in weeks. That’s why her call kinda surprised me. Honestly? I started thinking she is with that space boy – Norman, maybe? – off on some space adventure. This call means two things: she is on Earth, and not with the space boy.

At least I hope she’s not with him. If he’s there too, it’s gonna be awkward.

At that moment, lost in thought, a man was swept off his feet as Tommy accidentally nudged him in passing, but like always, Speed was way too fast to hear the man curse. The speed demon was already gone, leaving a wake of confused and rattled people in his path, a standard in Tommy’s life.

He turned right at the next corner, and finds Kate’s apartment. Two seconds later, he was standing on her doormat on the third floor. One flight down, he could hear an elderly woman shouting in protest, her groceries scattered in the stairwell. He knocked rapidly and stepped back with a grin.

We hang out here a lot with the gang. It’s good to be back!

“Come on in!” came a voice from within, and Tommy entered.

The furniture was pushed to the walls, creating enough space in the living room for a target and Kate, who was standing on the other side of the room. She was in her Hawkeye clothing and aiming an arrow at the target. She slipped the bowstring, the air-launched arrow hurled to the target.

“Practice?”, asked Tommy, as Kate looks at him.

Kate shrugged her shoulders. “Something like that, yeah”

Tommy tossed himself on the couch. “Oh, I’ve missed this couch. It’s WAY more comfortable than mine!”

No surprise, really. When your daddy’s rich, you can buy the best of everything.

Kate prepared for the next shot. Tommy clicked his tongue, and she glanced at him with a side-eye. “What?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing. Go ahead. I bet you’ll miss”, said Tommy.

Kate’s eyes narrowed as she grinned. Common things in Kate and Tommy? They’re both challengers.

“10 bucks?”

“10 bucks,” consented Tommy.

Kate took out another arrow and laid it on the bowstring – two arrows at once She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Tommy idly lounged on the couch.

“No need to hurry!” Tommy laughed loudly hoping to disrupt her concentration.

Kate stuck out her tongue, then slipped the bowstring planting the two arrows squarely into the center of the target side-by-side. Two perfect bull’s eyes.

Tommy wearily closed his eyes. Should’ve known better, he smirked. She’s really into this Katniss Everdeen stuff.

He heard her footsteps and felt her shadow on his face. “Pay up,” she said.

Eyes still closed, he smirked, “I’m broke.”

“No surprise,” replied Kate. She tousled Tommy’s hair and hopped back to her her spot to continue her practice.

He smiled and stretched out on the couch, almost falling asleep. The silence broken only by the WHOOSH-THUNK of her arrows. Sooner or later she’ll explain why she called. She was quiet, which was a bit unusual for the girl. After several minutes, Tommy yawned and looked over at her.

“Not that I’m complaining, because I’m totally happy to hear from you, and I really enjoy watching you shoot, but I’m guessing it’s not why you called me over?”

Kate rubbed her face and walked over to a water bottle and scooped it up. “I dunno,” she shrugged, “thought we could go out for a patrol”

Tommy scowled. It was kinda surprising. In the right way, of course.

“Clint?” he asked, knowing Kate’s mentor Hawkeye was always her first patrol pal.

“Off with the Avengers”

Tommy perked up. “Really?” He was always looking for excuses to hear about the Avengers, but Kate rarely knew much. He assumed Clint shared very little of the team’s work.

“No idea where,” Kate observed a low voice.

“Oh, darn,” Tommy sighed and slumped back on the couch.

As she turned around, Kate’s eyes fell on her laptop, which was playing a news feed. She typically left it on. It was perfect for ambient when she needed it. At the moment, the newscaster’s face was dour. Kate frowned at the screen. The woman on the screen was a mid-day local reporter who was best-known for her cheerful, prattle.

Kate turned up the volume.

“–in the midst of a hostage situation on the set of the upcoming movie, called ‘When the Killer Strikes.’ The authorities are unsure of the number of assailants, but reports are coming in that there are at least six individuals responsible and holding more than three dozen hostages inside this building. There have been no demands from the attackers, and no indication as to what it will take for them to let the hostages go”

Tommy opened his eyes and in a flash was standing next to Kate looking at the screen.

The newscaster continued, “The hostages included the movie’s director Rick Morgan and main actress Chiara Calvetti, among at least thirty other people. The authorities are incapable of doing anything at this time without risking the hostages’ lives.”

Kate tightened the buckles on jacket and collected all of her arrows. Tommy, always in his Speed uniform, was ready in an instant

He grinned. “Yeah, forgot the patrol. This sounds more interesting.”

* * *

It had been really bad week for Jonathan Hall. First, his wife left him for some Italian dude. After that, three of his best enforcer had gotten arrested after a run-in with Spider-Man, leaving Hall completely defenseless again Mark Norton.

Norton has threatened Hall to give up his territory in the West, or “something really bad would happen,” and gave him six days to answer.

Today was day five.

So yeah, Jonathan Hall was not the luckiest man right about now.

But everything can be changed. He just needed something – he needed more power in the criminal world. He needed a bigger and better reputation than Mark freakin’ Norton. Hall wanted to make himself more than a two-bit goon whose name was so easily forgotten. And today was his lucky day.

The whole world was talking about this movie with this famous actor and even more famous and lovely actress. It was all perfect, isn’t it? A little hostage taking, a little threatening, and he was in the news! Everyone was gonna be talking about Jonathan Hall now! And Mark Norton would show some goddamn respect. That was the plan. A really good plan, if you asked Jonathan.

A really bad plan, if you asked anyone else.

Hall could hear the sirens, but he just smiled at them. They won’t come in until they can be sure about these people’s safety. That’s the problem with the good guys. So predictable.

He was sitting on an amplifiers bobbing his head and twirling his gun. The closest hostages to him were tied to a pillar, and one of them was Miss Chiara Calvetti. Hall pointed his gun at her, and she flinched. He sneered and was about to say something nice and frightful when his partner stepped in front of him.

“Hey, Johnny” Victor Coleman said, his shaking; he was sure his boss’s plan wouldn’t work out.

“What?” Hall grunted.

“Boss, cops called again. They wanna make a deal with ya.'”

Jonathan shook his head. “I already told you, Vic. Real bad guys do not chat with the police.”

“But… if they somehow…”

Jonathan silenced him by raising his voice so everyone could hear him. “You think Doctor Doom ever negotiated with the cops!”

Victor opened his mouth, then closed it. No need to make himself a target for Hall. He stepped back and walked away cursing under his breath, “Never shoulda dropped outta school. I coulda been a dentist, but noooo.”

“You should listen to that one. He’s got the right idea,” came a voice.

Jonathan jerked up his head and turned to the owner of the voice. It was Chiara Calvetti talking. Everyone else was in total silence watching Chiara challenge the lunatic.

Jonathan stood up, walking to the pillar, then bent down to her.

It had been a simple day. They were filming a romantic scene, not Chiara’s favorite thing to do, when they had heard shouts. Rick, the director, had called cut thinking some idiot PA has ruined the take. But it had been these morons.

For the first few minutes, Chiara hadn’t been worried. She figured, Hey, this is New York City. The Avengers will save us! An hour later, no one had shown up, and Chiara was growing more and more nervous.

Maybe they’re all just sleeping in and haven’t heard yet, or maybe they aren’t fans, she thought. Or is this too “little” for them to worry about?

Hall leaned real close to Chiara and grinned. “You know, I always wanted to meet ya.'”

Chiara tried not to show her disgust, a test of her acting ability. “That’s nice. There are easier ways to get a selfie and an autograph.”

Hall stroked the actress’ cheeks. “You know what I mean by ‘meet,’ or should I elaborate?” he leaned closer and whispered. “In vivid detail.”

Chiara’s eyes narrowed and she simply spat to her hostage-taker’s face. Jonathan fell back. He jumped up, livid. He jammed the gun into Chiara’s face.

Digging my own grave? Sure thing, she winced.

“Yousonova,” Hall shouted, but before he could finish the thought, an arrow landed with a THUNK in the ground beside him, grazing his face. He whipped around expecting the police, but stopped short.

His visitors weren’t some cops. They were in costumes and a bit younger. A girl aimed a bow and arrow right at his chest, and next to her was a boy dressed in grey and green.

“What the hell is this?” Hall growled. “I wanted Avengers! I wanted Iron Man or Captain America! What are you, the JV squad!”

“Calm down, mate. If you stand down now, we’ll take you in unharmed,” the girl said with an annoying amount of self-confidence in her voice.

“You think I’m scared of a couple of teenagers!” Hall shouted.

The boy laughed. “Are you trying to be terrifying, or what?”

Jonathan jerked his gun up and pulled the trigger, but before the hammer could fall on the bullet, a silver blur ran past him and snatched the gun from his hands. Hall gasped in shock. He looked at his hand and then up to–

The boy was standing next to the girl twirling Hall’s gun and shaking his head. “Tsk-tsk-tsk. That’s not very nice.”

Jonathan looked at the boy, then the girl. He’d never admit it later, but he turned around and ran for it.

Tommy looked at Kate with a grin and an expression that said “You believe this guy?. After a moment, he ran after the crook.

Kate lowered her arm and hurried to the hostages tied to the pillar. She began to free Chiara. The starlet’s eyes widened as she looked behind her hero, a shadow approaching. “Behind you!”, shouted Chiara.

Kate turned around just in time to see the the fist rushing at her. She avoided a pretty strong hit from an attacker, rolled, and swiftly kicked out at Victor. They began to fight.

They came! I knew someone would. I was hoping for Thor or Captain America though. Who are these kids?

“Is that Mockingbird?” asked one of the tied-up camera-men.

“No, she’s blonde and wears white,” Chiara said watching the archer girl flip, kick, and crack a fist hard across Victor’s chin, most likely breaking his jaw.

“Is it the Black Widow then?”

Kate faced to her attacker. He yanked out a large knife and pointed it at her. He threw it right at her and it caught her in the thigh. She fell to the ground.

Damn, I should have dodged that, Kate silently berated herself.

Before she could get up, Victor pulled her back by her hair.

“Ah!” Kate grunted. Pulling hair? Class act, this guy. She reached back attempting to grab the man, but he swung her around by her hair giving her no leverage to counter him. She snatched an arrow from her quiver and stabbed the man in the foot. He screamed and fell back. She jumped on him, yanked his arm back over his head, slamming him to the ground. And in a well-practiced move, handcuffed his wrist to his ankle.

“AAA! Bitch!” The man cursed. Kate silenced him with a punch across his broken jaw.

The hostages cheered. Kate turned to them. “Everyone alright?”

“Untie us!” shouted the camera-man. He squirmed and kept looking to the exit. The others adding their own pleas to the din.

Kate sighed and muttered to herself as she began cutting the restraints on the hostages, “Thank you, Hawkeye. You saved my life. You’re the best!”

As the men and women fled to the exit shouting for the cops, Chiara turned and, much to Kate’s surprise, hugged her.

* * *

Tommy grabbed Hall by the back of jacket and yanked him back. With a cocky smirk, Tommy turned the man around and looked him in the face. “Running from me wasn’t the smartest decision, dude.” And he shoved Hall in the chest, sending him tumble out the door behind him and certainly bursting from the building to the cops barricade outside.

Just as Tommy swaggered out to receive the praise and thanks of New York’s finest, Hall screamed, “Shoot him! He’s the one!

Tommy had an instant to survey the scene. They had come out the back of the building, and two of Hall’s goons were standing there with machine guns, bullets already soaring toward him.

“Oops!” Tommy gasped.

By a reflex, Speed jumped to the left and the world slowed to a crawl. The bullet lashed the wall. Tommy took a moment to realize just how close that had been.

Hall screamed at his men, “How could you miss?!”

Tommy turned around and faced the two gunmen. They stared at him with wide, terrified eyes. The two men looked at one another and then threw their guns down. They put their hands up and fell to their knees in front of Tommy.

“It was all his idea!” They pointed at Jonathan. “Please, don’t kill me!”

“Heh,” Tommy grinned, “Guess I’m pretty intimidating after all.”

In the blink of an eye, Tommy grabbed the two criminal by the back of their shirts and yanked them back into the building, throwing them at Kate’s feet. He then zoomed back, grabbed Hall, and added him to the pile. He looked around to see that Kate had handled the situation here. He nodded approvingly.

Speed dusted his hands off and strutted over to his partner, who was talking to Chiara. He smiled and gave a dorky little bow, “Miss Calvetti. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m a big fan.”

Chiara smiled. “Thank you.” She looked at the pile of groaning criminals. “They probably won’t say the same.”

Tommy glanced over at them. He zipped to Hall, grabbed him, and zipped back, forcing him on his knees before Chiara. “I think someone should offer an ‘I am so sorry for ruining your film set and taking you as a hostage’ to Miss Calvetti.”

Hall angrily cursed.

“I am so sorry for take you as a hostage!” Victor shouted from behind them.

“Shut up, Vic!” Hall shouted.

Chiara shook her head, with a soft smile on her face. “Thank you, Victor.”

Vick lighted up, he smiled hopefully, his face lumpy fro his broken jaw. “That mean I don’t have to go to jail?”

“Ha!” Kate laughed.

“No, you’re going to jail. But I’ll send you flowers,” winked Chiara.

* * *

As the police shoved the criminals into the back of squad cars, Victor looked to Hall and mumbled through his swelling mouth, “You think she’s serious about those flowers?”

“Shut up,” Hall grumbled as the policewoman shut the door on them.

Chiara thanked the paramedic attending to her and stepped back toward the building. Speed and Kate were waiting there just off to the side managing to avoid police attention for the moment, though they knew they needed to leave soon.

“Thank you,” Chiara shook their hands. “I am in your debt. Is there anything I can do for you two?

Kate and Tommy looked at each other, the same thing was in their mind. Kate asked, “Can we get a picture?”

Chiara laughed and nodded. “Of course.”

She put her arms around both of the young heroes as Kate held up her cellphone for a selfie. Chiara winked, Kate grinned, and Tommy opened his mouth in a big, goofy grin.

“Thank you, seriously,” Chiara hugged them both.

Kate could see the cops looking around for them and nudged Speed. “We gotta go.”

Tommy nodded and waved.

The two of them ducked around the side of the building and began jogging away. Tommy laughed and looked to his friend. “Thanks for calling. I’m glad you’re back.

“How about that patrol?” Kate smiled.

“Hell yeah!” And after a few more yards, Tommy laughed and shook his head. “Man, how jealous is everyone gonna be about that pic!”

Kate laughed, and the two Young Avengers hurried off into the day ready for more.




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  • This is amazing, dude! Great work! The story flowed, the villains weren’t boring, and the group’s interactions were really entertaining! Too bad it’s only a one-shot… :(

    • Hey, Jerry!
      Hopefully Luca sees the love and comes back for more installments!

      • Hopefully! 😀