Wolverine and the New Mutants #1

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From the rooftop, the city shown with erratic technicolor. The light gleamed off her face as she stood with her back to her friends. The man in the cloak stood near the edge of the roof looking as if he was the one about to jump. Her cocktail dress sparkled in the moonlight, and she felt as if she would look like a star in the sky once the drugs kicked in.

“It’s safe right? I’ll be okay?” she asked the cloaked figure nervously. She eyed him up and down. In a world of Avengers and super villains she supposed a superpower drug dealer would look like the grim reaper.

“Of course it’s safe. You’ll be invincible!” the cloaked figure said walking to her and handing her the baggie. A smile surrounded by dark tattoos crept from the obstruction of his hood. His teeth looked like a crescent moon in the void of space and his voice was raspy and snake like.

She held it in her hand like it could break at any moment, the baggie full of small blue pills. She opened it and took out a pill, tuning it over in her cold fingers. She was frozen in this moment for what felt like forever. She knew this guy was bad news, but were her doubts greater than getting to fly and be a hero? Ignoring her nerves, she threw the pill back into her throat. At first there was nothing, but gently time moved slower and her body felt stronger.

“So this is what it feels like to be a super freak.” She giggled as her body trembled and she slowly rose, weightless in the night air. Her toes slowly lifted off the roof, her body hovering and moving upward like a helium balloon, floating away from the rooftop and her friends.

“Careful who you call a freak,” The cloaked figure muttered, his smile appearing and vanishing again. The figure stepped back as she lifted into the air, weightless.

Suddenly the tingling sensation turned sharper until it felt like a hot flash. “Wait… I feel like I’m burning,” The girl said as her friends watched in awe. Her body felt hot and light, like she was smoke from a cigarette. She looked down to find her skin was glowing. The warmth spread, the glow grew brighter and brighter util it ignited into a flame that consumed her body. Her friends expressions turned from awe to horror. Her once smooth, tanned skin replaced with a rough, black void, her hair a flame, and her eyes glowing like flashpoints. “What did you give me? You promised flight! Only flight!” She screamed as she hovered and burned.

“Stupid girl. You wanted to fly and you got your wish.” The figure pulled off his cloak, “Now you’re the freak!” he exclaimed revealing a bald head covered in thick black tattoos. A dark solid line marked his cold snake like eyes. His body, illuminated by city light, was draped in dark marks that slithered and wrapped around him.

“Wha-what are you? What did you do to her?!” The girl’s friends yelled lunging at the man, but as soon as they moved to him he was behind them and knocking them to the ground. He picked one up by the neck and carried him to the ledge.

“I’m the Vanisher,” the tattooed man said as he threw the boy over the roof. The boy fell like a stone dropping into a pond. There was silence until the crash of his impact resonated in the surrounding buildings.

“JESUS CHRIST! Why? Why are you doing this?” the floating fiery girl screamed, lightheaded in the air, hovering over the drop that had just killed her friend.

“Just following orders,” The tattooed man laughed.

She started getting dizzy. She felt something on her mouth and moved her hand to her nose. There was a warm liquid on her face. Her hand was suddenly normal human skin again covered in blood. Her body reverted to its human exterior in an instant, nose dripping with blood. The sky was getting further and further away; she was falling. She screamed in horror as the sudden jerk of gravity pulled the wind from her lungs and stripped her of sound. She gasped for air trying to catch her breath, then CRASSHHHH!

The shattering impact on the roof of the cab startled the driver, and the car swerved to hit a fire hydrant. Surprised, the man got out of his wrecked car to see a bloodied girl in a short dress, torn to pieces by the glass and metal. She held a baggie of blue pills in her hand, blood dripping in and mixing with the pills in the bag. He looked to the right to see a boy, dead on the sidewalk. He looked up to see a nightclub in a smaller, brick and mortar building, figuring they jumped.

A figure stood on the roof then in an instant, vanished.

Randy Lander presents
Marvel Rebooted : Wolverine and the New Mutants
Issue #1 – Overpowered Punks
by Andres Catter

Logan walked down the sidewalk of the Lower East Side, Manhattan. The streets were crowded with cars and people on a warm summer night. Logan had to wait until dark to sneak away from Xavier’s and get into the city; his contact here had told him about an incident at a local night club. A girl was caught on street cameras flying, then catching on fire, before she and her friend plummeted to their deaths. Autopsy showed some kind of new drug in her system. Logan figured the girl was some suicidal, junkie mutant, until his contact sent him footage from a CCTV of a tattooed man fleeing the scene. There had been no police reports or any kind of real law activity during the clean-up or after the incident.

The whole thing caught Logan’s attention. It was exactly what he needed: a mystery to solve. He had been feeling the itch of wanderlust lately, At the Institute, he had begun to feel tied down as little more than a babysitter. He needed something to satisfy his craving for actual battle, or at the very least a good down and dirty crawl. The most he had gotten was tearing up a pack of inept guards on one of Charles’ “recruitment” missions.

Logan walked up to the club noting the busted fire hydrant outside and shards of glass from the car wreck. He stood in front of an unassuming brick building, about 3 stories high with a neon cocktail sign above two double green doors. Logan entered and stepped into a haze of smoke and loud dance music. The club was packed with overstuffed booths, people, and drugs. A real hole in the wall. Logan made his way over to the bar and ordered an overpriced whiskey.

When he got his drink, he slammed it and looked around. The place certainly look liked a hotbed for drug activity. He could smell at least a dozen illicit substances mingled in the smoke and sweat.

Something caught Logan’s eye: two under-aged girls in the club. The pale brunette in the tight pants was sitting with a couple of college-aged looking guys, while the blonde in the dress stood on a small table. The brunette had eyes like a wolf and the blonde looked like a barbie doll. The blonde moved her arm and it glowed, emitting a bright blue light in the shape of a sword.

“Illyana!” the brunette giggled drunkenly to her friend. “Cut it out. You showoff.”

“See boys, I told you I was magic,” Illyana said, her Russian accent thick and sexy. She held up her soul sword proudly displaying it. The sleek, slim blade lit up the surrounding area with a dull, blue haze, forged in the fires of Limbo. The men sitting on either side of her friend were laughing, drunk and amazed. Illyana moved closer to the men and her friend with the sword. She motioned to the brunette covertly. “I’m not showing off, Rahne,” she winked at one of the guys.

Rahne grabbed the man on her right and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Illyana plunged her sword into the other man, causing him to sober slightly. The wound was bloodless as the sword severed the spirit, not the flesh. The man was left catatonic on the couch. HE wasn’t dead. He was in some deep, deep unconsciousness.

“That’s enough Rahne,” Illyana said, eager to finish the job.

“Not fair, you get all the fun,” Rahne said, her Scottish accent conveying her teasing yet disappointed manner. Rahne moved away from the confused drunk as Illyana drove the glowing blade into his heart, once again leaving the victim paralyzed body and spirit. Rahne made short work of the stunned pair, picking both men’s pockets for their wallets. She smiled broadly, but the grin fell. Rahne felt eyes on her. “We’re being watched,” Rahne, cautioned Illyana, motioning to a man in a leather jacket with wild sideburns  staring from the bar.

Logan had been made. He put down his drink and decided to confront the girls, but not here. Too many civilians. Logan got up from the bar and walked out the doors of the night club.

“He won’t get far,” laughed Illyana as she and Rahne moved to follow him. Rahne sniffed outside the club finding him in a back lit alley. The demonic blonde and wolf girl slowly crept in front of the alley, cornering him.

“Seems you saw our act. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to stare?” Illyana questioned playfully.

“Aren’t you girls a little young to be in a club like that,” Logan replied smugly.

“What we lack in age, we makeup for in experience,” Illyana offered, swinging the glowing, demonic sword.

“I’m sure you do, but I’m talking about fighting experience,” Logan said, claws extending in a swift motion.

“Funny. You’ll regret that little man!” Rahne said as she transformed. Her eyes glowing, ears pointing, and nails turning to animal like claws. When she was done, she looked more wolf than human, covered in thick brown fur. She lunged at Wolverine on all fours, making a slashing motion. Logan took the blow, leaving scratch marks on his face. He turned to look at the wolf girl, her slashes on his face already closing. Rahne backed away slowly and Illyana looked frightened.

“Fuck, what are you?” Rahne growled as Illyana’s sword dematerialized.

“The name’s Logan,” Logan paused, what are the coincidence of three super powered girls at the same night club? Maybe a friend of theirs. “Do you two know of a girl, like you two with powers, who died here last night?”

“No, looking for a date?” Rahne snarled.

“You’re like us aren’t you?” Illyana questioned, her playful affectation returning to her previously frightened demeanor. Logan figured this was probably their first contact with another mutant.

“No, I don’t rob men of their money, but I do have powers. Not like you, but powers. Look,” he took a breath. He couldn’t help but do things Xavier’s way first. Damn the cue ball for making him soft. “We’re called mutants, humans with abilities. There’s a place for kids like you two — a school. If you come with me, I’ll show you. Better than scamming guys in clubs.” He offered, doing what he knew Xavier would want him to.

“Save it, we’re not going with you to some gay, superfriends school!” Rahne interjected. Her wolf form becoming more human again as she started her sentence, finally a normal girl as the last word left her lips. Again they were just two party girls from some sleazy club.

“Yeah I wasn’t asking, Fightin’ Irish. Either both of you come with me, or I turn you over to some police officers who will be a lot less forgiving,” Logan growled at the girls.

“Why should we even listen to you? And I’m Scottish you bumbling–” Rahne started before being interrupted.

“Rahne wait. Who’s the girl?,” Illyana said, her question charged with growing curiosity.

“A girl like you two. Possibly murdered or overdosed. A man was seen fleeing the area, and she had drugs on her. She died at this club last night, and I have a hunch it’s being covered up by someone,” Logan said sobered. All the time as a babysitter may have warmed the Wolverine’s heart.

“You’re not seriously giving this creep the time of day, Ill. Come on, cops can’t hold us!” Rahne interjected, passionate and fierce.

“So some junkie chick dies outside a sleazy club. No one would have to cover that up. No one would care,” Illyana added then turned to Rahne, “If we get caught by the police or anyone, they could send us back. You’d go back to that monster in Scotland, and I’d get dragged back to Hell, literally. Let’s hear him out,” Illyana cautioned Rahne.

“Fine,” Rahne growled and looked at Logan. “She’s the only one making promises though. Never know what kind of men kill girls with powers,” Rahne added, almost snarling in her human form. She glared at Wolverine menacingly.

“If we’re done bickering, I have another lead we can follow. This could get serious. If you’re coming, no backing out,” Logan growled, trying to see if they would flinch in the face of danger.

“Please. We can take care of ourselves,” Illyana said, moving her hand to create more glowing blue energy like the energy emitted from her soul sword. Deep down she was nervous. Illyana was now invested. She had always protected Rahne from her own impulsiveness, but she didn’t know if she could protect her all alone from a mutant killer.

Logan nodded, happy that at least on this mission he would have teammates who didn’t need constant supervision. Still, he kept an eye on them. Logan pulled out his phone and looked up the contact for Network, his source. He dialed her, knowing she’d have a lot more than what she’d actually sent him. No answer. Network always answered, she was a technopath for Christ’s sake. Logan had a bad feeling about all of this.

* * *

The unlikely trio walked down a dark street in Little Italy. Logan knew where Network lived and knew she probably wouldn’t mind him dropping in. He was worried. Why wasn’t she answering? Logan knew she would be glued to a monitor or screen, but she could’ve done her own investigation into this case. Logan’s mind flashed again with images of the dead girl, and he shuddered. He walked with the two girls to a set of stairs leading down into a basement level apartment.

“You two wait outside and I’ll see if there’s trouble,” Logan said, he was walking in blind and he didn’t like it at all.

“Scared?” Rahne teased and Illyana laughed holding onto the black iron railing guarding the apartment from the rest of the street.

“Nothing scares me,” Logan lied. He looked to the door, then back at the girls. He knocked. Nothing. Logan knocked again harder, “Sarah, it’s Logan. Open up.” Nothing still. Logan grew more concerned. He raised his leg, and with one swift motion, he kicked in the door.

The apartment was a small room with a hallway leading to a bedroom adjacent to the door. The main room and kitchen were covered in electronics equipment. Metal shelves held up all kinds of equipment and devices all humming and being cooled by small fans. Wires and cables ensnared the surroundings like vines looking almost alive. Logan noticed a figure standing behind one of the shelves, a shadow among the chaos of computers. “I can see you back there. Show yourself now! I won’t ask a second time,” He growled.

A boy, about 16, steps from behind the shelves, hands up. He didn’t appear to be a killer or a dealer, only slightly taller than Logan and wearing a blue hoodie with black pants. His blonde hair hung in his face slightly, barely touching the rims of tortoise shell glasses. He slowly walked toward the desk with three computer monitors on it.

“Not another move,” Logan warned, extending his claws.

“It’s not what it looks like,” the boy answered; his voice seemed genuine and surprisingly calm.

“Who the hell are you? And where’s Network?” Logan growled at the boy.

“Actually, it would be who the hell are we?” the boy said, pushing up his glasses, arrogantly and still eerily calm.

Logan’s mind hung on his last word. “Damn!” Logan said as a shadow behind him moved into his peripheral. The thing wrapped around Logan and when he looked down, the X-man saw what could only be described as inhuman. Thin but surprisingly strong, black arm-like metal tendrils wrapped around his chest and torso, pulsating with an eerie yellow lit circuitry. The arms flattened and began further enveloping Logan, and he felt whatever it was crawl up his neck.

“What the hell are you doing to me! You’re dead, kid!” Logan howled and began to lunge toward the boy, but he found his body paralyzed.

“Self will not let you move,” a voice creaked and spit into Logan’s ear. He turned to see the thing’s face; it resembled the boy in the glasses but entirely black, an opaque and solid metal for skin. The circuitry on the arms culminating in facial features on this dark black metal, the yellow motherboard pattern forming crude eyes and a horrific, snaggle-toothed grin.

Logan was speechless and found a paralysis like sensation had prevented him from moving his head back. Transfixed by the horrid yellow grin. “What are you?” he finally coughed out.

“Warlock is my better half, and if you were the enemy, he’d be your end.” The boy in the glasses moved out of his hiding spot and closer to Logan and his captor. “Logan AKA the Wolverine. Weapon turned X Man, I am Cypher. You’re looking for Network, I presume,” the boy paused. “No don’t try to answer, I know why you’re here. I just didn’t think you would need her help.”

Logan struggled against the control of this thing called Warlock, and seeing this, the boy waved a hand to his other half.

“Cypher, Self detects this individual means you harm. It is unwise to release him from Self’s grip,” Warlock croaked in response.

“He’s fine, Warlock. He means Self no real harm,” Cypher spoke mimicking the strange dialect.

“Like hell I don’t. If you don’t tell me where Network is– Why are you squatting here?” Logan asked as the thing released him, slowly retreating off his skin. He calmed himself slightly but still felt the thing touching his back, threatening him if he made violent movement.

“Network hasn’t been here in months. She’s gone off the grid. I know it looks bad because we’re squatting, but let’s get real, who else would use this stuff,” Cypher offered, gesturing to the stolen tech and futilely trying to break the tension.

“You’re lying. I just contacted her about…” Logan trailed off. He closed his eyes in a  frustrated realization. “You little punk. It’s been you two this whole time hasn’t it?” Logan growled and felt Warlock’s sharp metal arm restrain him.

Cypher shrugged and put his hand behind his head. “Yeah, sorry. We played you, but with best intentions!” the boy said trying to deflect the accusation, “We are also trying to get to the bottom of–” He  was interrupted by the flash of blue light behind him. He turned to see a hot blonde with a big sword and a girl covered in fur with the head of a wolf. The pair was covered in a blue aura and suddenly materializing.

Rahne and Illyana moved with incredible speed, Illyana to Logan and Rahne cornered Cypher. Illyana grabbed Logan and separated him from the living computer before plunging her sword into Warlock’s chest. Illyana looked shocked when he didn’t pass out or even flinch. Warlock sputtered for a moment then started trying to absorb the glowing blade. He began making violent, high pitched sounds before going limp on the sword.

“Your better half bit off more than he could chew,” Illyana said turning around and smiling at Cypher.

Warlock sat on the ground trying to recover, slowly powering back on and repairing himself. Illyana turned to see Rahne holding Cypher by the shirt, claws dangerously close to his neck. Warlock’s electronic eyes opened and narrowed on Rahne and Cypher.

“Stop, they’re harmless. Just looking into the dead girl like us,” Logan said firmly, pulling Rahne away from Cypher. Warlock moved slowly towards Cypher, reaching out like a child for its mother.

“Some job they’re doing,” Rahne said before turning to Cypher and Warlock. “If anyone is killing this old guy, it’s me. And do you even have leads on the dead girl, or are we wasting our time?” she asked, half disgusted and snarling like a wild beast.

“We do. We were about to investigate before you all came smashing in all bitchy and clawing,” Cypher said before being interrupted by Illyana.

“Save it. Tell us what you know and we’ll leave,” Illyana said, icy and impatient as ever.

Defeated, Cypher moved toward the computer monitors and sat down. He motioned to Warlock and the thing crawled and touched the console interfacing with it. His yellow circuitry moving onto it like a virus.

“The bag of drugs she died holding. We scanned them and got a weird DNA signature that gives off some kind of radiation,” Cypher said typing furiously. “I scanned for it on a larger scale by hacking a Stark satellite, and it’s coming off of a warehouse across the East River in Brooklyn. Here.” Cypher pointed to a map on a different screen.

“Alright, let’s go,” Rahne said moving toward the door and motioning for Logan and Illyana to follow.

“Wait,” Logan said, turning to Rahne and Illyana. “they’re coming with us.”

“Are you fucking serious?! You want to take that thing and this computer nerd to a drug operation? They just tried to kill you!” Rahne said, voice filled with disbelief.

“So did you,” Logan pointed out with a scoff.

“Logan, she has a point. How would the midgethelp in a fight?” Illyana chimed in, putting her sword away.

“Funny, I was going to ask the same thing. Don’t flatter yourself, mail-order barbie, I don’t even want to go,” Cypher said, smirking and looking to Logan.

“Funny, I didn’t ask,” Logan said sharply cutting off Illyana before she could retort. “You’re coming with us or I tell Howard Stark that you’ve been hacking his satellites,” Logan said, threatening Cypher with a look and a claw.

Logan shoved the reluctant Cypher and Warlock out of the apartment and followed his growing group of misfits. It was slowly dawning upon him how powerful these kids were and how they’d already proven they could take care of themselves. They weren’t Xavier star-pupil material, but they were something else, something new.

* * *

A warehouse sat desolate and empty on the edge of Brooklyn overlooking the East River. The silence and emptiness was pierced and killed by a flash of blue light. Violent and sudden, the light emanates and formed a circle on the pavement. In its center, Illyana held her sword to the ground, almost stabbing it, surrounded by Logan, the human form of Rahne, and Cypher wearing Warlock’s malleable body as a second skin while the living computer healed.

“So, is your magic limitless or do you only have certain spells locked down,” Cypher and Warlock asked in a half human, half robotic voice.

“I have the powers of creatures from Hell. Things that would make you wet your robot jammies,” Illyana replied, picking up her sword and flashing a glare at the Cypher/Warlock hybrid.

“Okay, Logan, who are we fighting? I’m ready to kick some arse!” Rahne sneered; her claws came out and her fangs showed as she spoke.

“Easy,” he cautioned. “Keep your guard up and don’t get killed,” Logan said extending his claws.

The four mutants all fell into a formation naturally, crouching and moving toward the warehouse door. Logan was surprised at their stealth, but he figured runaways and punks probably had to be able to go undetected. The warehouse was silent but Logan didn’t trust it.

“Alright, on my count. 3…2…1!” Logan commanded before slashing open the lock and slipping into the warehouse. It was completely dark except for a single, bright spotlight. The four mutants moved silently in the dark.

Logan’s eyes adjusted and he could clearly see that on the far wall there was lab equipment and shelves with viles of blood and chemicals. The warehouse had appeared to be mostly cleaned out except for a single spotlight, which shown on a figure hanging from the ceiling by his wrists, his feet grazing the ground. “We’re clear,” Logan said running toward the boy tied up. He had jet black hair, olive skin that was covered in small purple bruises, and lots of dried blood coming from cuts all over his body. He hung unconscious and limp.

The others rushed over to the boy as Rahne crouched and felt for a pulse. “He’s alive,” she said, matter of factually, hiding her growing interest.

“Alright, Cypher and Warlock grab some of those samples to analyze, Rahne, help me carry the boy, Illyana be ready to teleport,” Logan ordered like a sergeant.

“Where to?” Illyana asked, readying herself by calling forth energy from Hell through her sword.

“The School,” Logan replied, hoping Xavier wouldn’t mind some new students.

* * *

The night was quiet and still in the yard around Xavier’s school for Gifted Youngsters. The mansion glowed like a firefly in the surrounding trees of Upstate New York, as three shadows moved across the lawn. Danielle Moonstar, Sam Guthrie, and X’ian Coy Manh all crouched and scurried through the night.

“The garage is this way you idiots,” Sam whisper screamed to the other two who rushed over after veering to the right.

“We should’ve just snuck through the house like I said!” Dani whispered back as the three walked to the garage.

“And risk Mr. Summers catching us? Hell no,” Sam replied. “I don’t know about you, but I am not trying to be on the end of a fiery optic blast.”

“They don’t give off heat. They’re concussive,” X’ian corrected, following Danielle and checking over her shoulder.

“My psychic shield only protects us from Xavier, but if you two keep on talking, you’re going to wake up the whole school!” whispered Sam as the three reached the garage.

“Fine, let’s just get in the car,” Danielle said walking over to a vintage Mercedes and producing a pair of keys, “Mr. Summers really needs to consider locking up his belongings when he’s working out,”  Sam and Dani laughed unlocking the car. X’ian laughed more timidly. 

“I’m driving,” Sam smirked.

“No way,” Dani scoffed. “I snagged the keys!”

“Kitty snagged the keys. You just took them from her,” Sam snorted and got in the driver’s side.

“Shotgun?” X’ian attempted.

“Get in back,” Danielle sighed.

The trio got into the car and pulled out of the garage. Laughing and proud that they successfully escaped the mansion for a late night joyride. They sped down the large driveway of the mansion when right in front of them a blue light appeared, blinding them.

“Shit! Look out!” Dani shouted.

Sam slammed the brakes, the car skidding to a halt on the gravel road.  They all exhaled simultaneously as the car jerked to a standstill. 

“Everyone cool?” Dani choked.

“Uh,” X’ian pointed as he mumbled. They all looked forward.

In front of them stood Logan and a girl holding up a bloodied, bruised kid. Behind them stood a hot blonde with a huge sword and a geeky looking guy with a funny suit of armor on. Logan stared coldly and furiously into the eyes of the three in the car.

“Get back to the Mansion, NOW!” Logan yelled, with the ferocity of his namesake.

The three kids were out of the car and racing back to the dorms in a flash.

“Cute,” Rahne grinned.

“C’mon,” Logan grunted, and they walked down the graveled road toward the glowing mansion.


The Story Continues in Marvel Rebooted New Mutants #2


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