Spider-Man Annual #1

 So here’s the thing: My name is Peter Parker. I’m an intern at the infamous Future Foundation and there was an accident. I was bitten by a genetically altered spider, and now I have these amazing abilities that are a huge pain the tucus. I’m also, Spider-Man, teenage superhero that’s known around my home town of New York city as….well…..an even huger pain in the…….. I think you’re beginning to catch on. It’s been about a year after the whole Art Thief incident and things really haven’t gotten better for Peter Parker. Gwen and I are on a break and Aunt May is insistent that I live my life as if I was alive. However, everyday as Spider-Man continues to drive a wedge between Gwen, Harry, and I.

 “With great power comes great responsibility” those were among Uncle Ben’s last words before he died. No matter how harsh or lonely this life becomes, those words will always be the reason I try and make him proud everyday.

Randy Lander Presents


The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

By Justin Gallegos 

From the ongoing Spider-Man series by  Thomas Compton


“Oh but Peter, I really think you ought to meet her,” Aunt May said gently.

Spider-Man performed three front flips in the clear blue skies over Manhattan, New York and then web-lined onto the roof of a twenty story building.

“Aunt May,” Spidey spoke into the tiny bluetooth transmitter he invented himself lined into his mask, “really, I’m fine. I’m too busy to date anyone, and Gwen and I—-”

“Are not even speaking. Oh Peter, I just want you to be happy.”

An explosion rang out.

Spider-Man made his way over to the a small plume of smoke coming out the base of Goldwater Bank.

“Oh boy.”

“Peter? Is there something wrong?”

“Nothing Aunt May, can we talk about this later? Class is starting in ten minutes.”

“Fine, we’ll talk about this when you get home. But I’m sure you’ll come around Pete, especially when you see how beautiful she is.”


Spider-Man swung to the large gaping hole where the explosion came from.

“I’m sure I will Aunt May, I’ll talk to you later. Love ya.”

“Love you too, Peter.”

The line went dead. Spidey entered the bank and immediately planted himself on the ceiling overlooking the place.

There were two of them. One wore a yellow suit that covered most of his body and he had two steel gauntlet’s over his hands. The other simply wore a blue and purple costume with a white V on his chest.

Boomerang and Shocker. Why the heck do I always get the C-Villains? You’d never see Cap fighting yahoo’s like these guys.

“Shocker, that one is moving!” Boomerang cried out. He was pointing to the security guard as he tried to reach for his gun on the ground before him.

Shocker aimed his gauntlet fists to the gun and unleashed a visible line of white electricity. The weapon instantly melted and a small crater was formed. Boomerang went over to the guard and picked him up.

“Now!” he called out “if anyone else would like to be play hero, do it now, or forever hold your peace.”

“I object!” Spider-Man came down and perched up on the nearest booth.

“Spider-Man!” Boomerang cried.

“Ok seriously, Boom Boom,” Spidey laughed as he spoke, “did you know I was here and set that whole thing up, cause that was classic Adam West style–” ~Spider Sense~ “Whoa!”

Spider-Man back flipped and evaded a folly of energy from Shocker.

“Just get the money Boomerang, I’ll handle the bug.”

Boomerang threw the guard aside and ran to the vault. The steel door had been previously melted by his partner and he was able to get in easily now.

“Come on Shocky,” Spidey said as he continued to dodge Shocker’s attacks “who the heck robs a bank during the day anyway?”

“Those of us that don’t have any fear against you and your kind” Shocker responded.

“My kind? Geez Shock-Face, we’re moving into the prejudice stuff aren’t we?”

“What? No! I meant heroes not – not – GRRRR! Shut up!”

Spider-Man ran full speed along the walls of the bank as the energy blasts struck the marble behind him.

“Why can’t we just get along as you, the villain who’ll never win but will always try, and me—-”

“I got the money!” Boomerang shouted, holding up two large duffle bags. Shocker turned to him.   Spider-Man took this opportunity and fired two streams of web at Shocker’s metal gloves as they were powering up for their next attack. Spidey tugged on the webs and aimed Shocker’s weapons in another direction. The gauntlet’s fired. A concentrated blast of energy struck Boomerang’s chest and he went flying into the wall behind him. The duffle bags fell to the ground. Shocker roared in anger and frustration.

“——-your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!”

Spidey used the web lines in his hands as a slingshot and launched himself at Shocker. The hero issued a right cross to Shocker’s chin. The would be bank robber was instantly knocked unconscious.

Spidey stopped and took a look around at the terrified faces of the victims around him. They were cowering beneath their desks and in the corners of the lobby. During the short battle, many of them were able to flee.

“It’s alright everyone,” he said “you’re safe.”

Sirens could be heard in the background.

“Well, the police are on their way. Finally, I mean I’m sure I could’ve called Jimmy Johns and they would’ve……never mind.”

Spidey could see in the faces of the people around him, that his comedy routine wasn’t going anywhere. He quickly webbed up the villains upside down over the center of the bank and began to awkwardly walk backwards towards the broken entrance.

Tough crowd. Come on, web-head, take off.

“Um…..pay it forward.”

With that, Spider-Man  left as a couple of fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances arrived on scene. Once he was high above, he swung by a large television screen on a building. He quickly glanced at it and noticed the news report. The reporter was in front of the bank he had just came from. The red bar had these words contained in it.




“Oh come on!” ~Spider Sense~ Spidey shouted right before he crashed into a wall.


 Peter entered class with a red nose and moist eyes. He was trying his best to cover up his accidental injury.

Too bad this gig doesn’t have a health plan. Save me, Obama!

“Mr. Parker,” Dr. Connors said “late again for, I believe, the fifth time are we?”

“I’m sorry sir,” Peter spoke with a muffled voice as he continued to pinch his nose “there was a bit of a mishap on the way over here.”

“Yes, I’m going to have to admit, Mr. Parker, I’m almost going to miss this when I return to the university this year.”

Peter took his seat.

“I always aim to please, doc.”

Dr. Connors smiled “I can’t wait to be surrounded by responsible adults.”

The classroom science lab was busy with the class’ current experiment. Tiny plumes of green and purple smoke occasionally burst into the air and excited the students. Peter felt as if he was in a daze as he scanned the room. He spotted Gwen with Flash. They were laughing and talking and seemed awfully close to one another.

Really Gwen? With Flash Thompson?! I thought we hated him together?

Peter felt his anger rising. He couldn’t stay in the room any longer. He needed to leave, to soar above his problems on planet Earth.

There was a time when he could go to Gwen when he felt like this. She’d talk to him, he’d feel better, and it would all go away with a simple kiss.

I need some air. Some sky. Some miles and miles of city blocks. Then somebody I can punch in the face five hundred times.

“Um, Peter?”

Peter turned around to face Liz Allan. She was dressed in a mini-skirt and a tight shirt that made Peter blush instantly.

“Uh…..hey…..yeah….what’s up……hanging Liz?”

Liz looked confused, “You’re my partner on this Pete, remember? I didn’t pay the school’s biggest nerd ten bucks for nothing.”

Peter nodded and remembered their agreement. He grabbed two viles of liquid and began to mix their contents together.

“All  right,” Liz said with a sigh “we have to combine these two so——”

Peter couldn’t help but focus on Gwen and Flash.

Why are they together like that? His comedy isn’t even close to my elevel!

The two liquid chemicals came together and made a searing noise.

“Pete….Pete……” Liz watched as the chemicals boiled over the cauldron they were mixed in. Peter continued to stare at Gwen.


~Spider Sense~


Liz’s scream was drowned out by the explosion the tiny glass made. Smoke shot up towards the ceiling. The overhead sprinkler’s suddenly switched on, and soon the students were drenched. They all ran out of the classroom save for Peter. He stood there by himself, in the water and only possessed a single thought.

Spider-Man and I are alone.




Over New York, Spider-Man swung from building to building in search of a physical and mental comfort. Peter Parker decided to skip the rest of his school day after flooding the lab. At around one o’clock the skies were clear and the air was cool. He felt the vibration from his phone and he answered it via the bluetooth in his mask.

“Hey, Aunt May. don’t tell me you heard about the sprinklers already. I assure you, I’ll survive the rest of the day with my wet underwear. It doesn’t chaff as bad as you’d think.”


“Gwen! Oh hi! How….how’re ya?”

“Are you all right? Liz is telling everyone at school how you tried to kill us all in the lab today.”

“Not everyone,” Spider-Man responded “just the weird kid who’s always picking his nose in the corner. You know how he always gets to me.”

Gwen laughed.

“Well, I see that chemical blast didn’t take away your sense of humor,” Spidey said.

There was a brief pause.

Should I ask her to meet me for lunch? Coffee? A game of Battleship? Come on Parker think! Say something clever, say something really clever and romantic like.

“So, your hips looked good in that skirt you were wearing today.”

“I…..I was wearing jeans Pete. Liz had the skirt.”

“Oh! What? No, I was talking about – about the other day when…..”

Gwen giggled and then sighed, “I’ll talk to ya later Pete, I just wanted to see if you were ok.”

“Gwen, wait.”

“Bye, Peter.”

The line went dead.

Way to go web-head.

A quick flash of light ~Spider-Sense~

The phone vibrated once again.


“It’s me Peter, are you and Gwen dating again?”

Peter sighed, “No Aunt May. I’m sorry, I can’t talk now, I’m heading to study hall.”

“Ok, ok, I don’t want to keep you away from your studies. This might sound bad, but I’m glad you’re not dating Gwen at the moment. Because my friend’s niece will knock your socks off.”

“Aunt May…..”

“You’re going and that’s final. Now I have a suit for you—–”

“Aunt May please—–”

A flash of light. ~Spider Sense~.

Spider-Man spun around in mid air and felt three pricks strike his Adam’s apple. He quickly pulled them out and was able to swing himself towards the nearby Hudson River before blacking out.



 What? Why am…..how did I…….

Spider-Man felt the cold breeze laying on his back on top of a skyscraper. He shakily got to his feet and peered over the ledge. New York City looked like a mural beneath him. Several buildings, including the Empire State, were at his eye level but some distance away.

What got me? I remember not wanting to go splat on concrete, so I swung towards the Hudson, which, now that I think about it, I should’ve just gone splat.

Spidey hurried to the other side of the roof and spotted the river.

Flash of light. Spider Sense. Prickly things. Then black out. Whoever did it just left me here, but why the heck did they…….Holy Poop!

Spider-Man couldn’t believe his eyes. The gigantic flying saucer was smooth and metallic. It’s shadow and physical width covered the island of Manhattan. It’s engines made a low hum as it moved forward.

“No. Freakin. Way.”

From his position on the tower, Spidey spotted three more spaceships at different parts of the city.

Okay, right. Spaceships. Cool. Yeah. And S.H.I.E.L.D and The Avengers will be showing up in 3……2……1…..right? Right!?

Nothing happened. The streets of the city were in chaos. The alien starship’s stopped. Beneath each vessel, it’s center opened up to reveal a brilliant blue light.

Hold on, why the hell does this look familiar?

The trio of ships released three rays of blue energy striking different parts of the city. Explosions could be seen and heard throughout New York. Spider-Man leaped at the nearest building and instantly noticed something within the laser. There were things in the light. They looked like beings, weird strange things with weapons. The beams of light stopped and in their wake, left behind hundreds of extraterrestrials.

The aliens wore golden armor, their exposed skin was gray and muscular.

“Seriously, I…..”

The legion of warriors from another planet, roared in unison and charged forward. They fired their weapons at anyone closest to them. The humans fled for their lives.

“Is alien invasion part of my responsibilities? Uncle Ben never said anything about this!”

Spidey swung down at full speed and buried his feet into the chest of an alien about to execute a family. The golden armored soldier went flying into a concrete wall and instantly broke apart. At the sight of this, ten others snarled and ran towards the wall crawler.

“Ah crap.”

Spider-Man dodged the aliens’ attacks with his agility and he quickly disarmed and defeated each one. At the last, he webbed up the final warrior’s weapon and stuck it to a nearby street light. He then used the walls around him to gain an upper hand when the invader drew a sword and attacked.

“In the immortal words of Will Smith,” Spidey said as he bounced around and got close. He shot a web ball at his enemy’s face to blind it. He then jumped at the extraterrestrial with his right fist cocked, “welcome to Earf!”

Spidey punched the alien in the face and sent it into a parked car. The alien’s body broke into pieces and lay in a heap at his feet. “All right, all right, I can admit that’s an unfair quote. The Fresh Prince never said ‘Earf’ like that, but it’s just better that way. Great movie too. I suggest after your assault and failed take-over, you get on Netflix or rent it. Harry Connick Jr.’s finest work.”

Explosions and scream rang out. Spider-man turned and faced the scene. The city was still under siege.

” Ok, I know for a fact I’m not the only hero that lives in this town, there were more of us ready to fight the 32 oz soda ban than this!”

He noticed the remains of the extraterrestrial. It’s metal insides were buzzing and sparks occasionally blew out.

Before Spidey could investigate further he was attacked by another squad of aliens. Each wielding different weapons – swords, axes, spears, maces, and rifles. His Spider-Sense guided him threw each attack and after about twenty minutes, he defeated them all.

“Ok, besides the mechanical robot alien cyborgs and massive intergalactic ships, something is really messed up here.”

~Spider Sense~ “Whoa!” Spider-Man felt the sudden violent eruption from the Hudson River close by. It felt as if the building he was standing on had jumped.

“Jesus Harold Christ!”

From the Hudson River rose a large object. Spidey instantly recognized it from the books of many Fantastic Four adventures he had once obsessed over. It had dark green leather skin, with bone spikes protruding down it’s back, and it’s roar was as infamous as it was terrifying.

Spider-Man took a deep breath and screamed “It’s Godzilla!”

The King of Monsters roared and stomped onto Manhattan Island. Spider-Man fired a stream of web and swung to the giant lizard.

Ok, I have two options. One: I try punching it. Two: I try to get Godzilla’s autograph and hug him nonstop for about a year.

Godzilla spotted the red and blue hero and unleashed a river of blue fire in his direction.

!Spider-Sense~ Spidey performed a back flip to evade the flames and landed on a wall of windows of a nearby building.

Godzilla put up his fists like a boxer and growled.

“All right!” Spidey called out “I figured it out. I’m dreaming. Because Godzilla vs Spider-Man is totally a wet dream of mine.”

Godzilla replied with another roar and Spider-Man, convinced he was in fact asleep, used two structures to sling-shot himself towards the monster. Godzilla opened his mouth, Spidey went in screaming with his right fist straight out.

The wall-crawler closed his eyes and expected to wake up. Then he felt the metal on his knuckles and an explosion. Spidey went straight through Godzilla’s head, he turned in mid-air as he fell to the city and said “That’s one for the bucket list! This is the best dream I’ve ever——“


Four ninjas, dressed in black, delivered several blows to Spidey’s face, chest, back, and legs as he fell. The collision caused the hero to crash into the windows of the tower nearest him. Some parts of his suit tore off. The four ninjas were joined by another twenty.

“What……what?…….What!?!” Spider-Man yelled as he tried to catch his breath and watched the assassins charge at him.

Each ninja then revealed a variety of sharp weapons.

“Seriously,” Spidey said “Aliens. Godzilla. The Hand! Who’s been reading my Christmas list?”

The warriors attacked. Spider-Man quickly cast a net, captured eight of them, and planted them into the floor. He fought the next wave by using his agility to move around the room and eventually decided to flee. He made it out of the tower and swung away.

What the hell is going on? Never a dull moment in New York City, but this is the un-dullest it has ever been!

Spider-Man  noticed there were hundreds more of the those that called themselves The Hand. He had heard rumors of an organization like this before, but never thought he’d meet them. Especially on this scale. They were on the ground, on buildings, and some were still chasing him. He even noticed squads of ninjas attacking the alien invaders.


“Hail H.Y.D.R.A!” someone screamed.

Spidey saw several other large flying ships attacking the gigantic ones over the skies of New York. They each had the symbol of the terrorist organization H.Y.D.R.A. Hundreds of men in dark green suits wearing awkward headgear, with the same symbols, were fighting the aliens and the ninjas.


Spidey finally heard and saw something familiar. Nicholas Fury, wearing a black leather jacket and his infamous eye patch, was standing on the roof of a building with a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

“Nick Fury!”

Spidey landed next to him, “Ok seriously, I know this is all going on, but is it true Daniel Craig is gonna be the next Fury?”

“You ain’t foolin anyone hear Spider-Man” Fury said. He aimed his gun at the web-head.

“Whoa, Fury, what are you doing?”

“You caused all this to happen!”


“You f#$ked up the time stream when you went back to 1955!”


“Don’t act stupid on me now son! You took the DeLorean, you made love to your mother, you sick—–”

“AAAAH!” Spider-Man punched Fury in the face so hard, the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D’s head came clean off his shoulders and tumbled to the streets below. The headless body of Fury moved around a bit, it’s mechanical insides buzzing and sparking, before falling to the ground.

“He’s assassinated General Fury!” Dum Dum Dugan shouted “Kill him!”

Spider-Man quickly evaded the attacks and fled.

Okay, this isn’t fun anymore. I gotta find out what the heck is going on in the world. It started with the flash and the prickly things. Then….The Hudson River.


A mighty voice seemed to echo the streets and rise above the sounds of the battle for New York.

Spider-Man swung down to the source of the call and found the legendary Captain America standing in the middle of the street by himself. Spidey landed before him and shouted “I’m not worthy!”

Iron-Man hovered down. Thor landed beside the Captain. Hawkeye ran in from the left and Black Widow arrived from the right.

“You’re all here,” Spidey said out of breath.

“Yes,” Cap spoke softly “and I’m sorry, son, but we really don’t have a choice. If you don’t give up the whereabouts of John Connor, we will kill you.”

The Avengers readied their weapons and powered up.

“What……” Spidey said, his voice cracked.

“Just tell us, Spidey—–” Iron-Man began.

“——Aye, give us the location of the Connor child.” Thor finished.

“No,” Spider-Man started to crawl backwards “What is going on……”

“Avengers,” Captain America announced “he made his choice, kill Spider-Man.”


Spidey fired two streams of web and was barely able to dodge a bolt of lighting and a laser blast. He went up into the air but was quickly followed by Iron-Man and Thor.

“We will find John Connor!” Iron-Man shouted.

Spider-Man’s head was pounding. A migraine forged from confusion, anger, and fear.

I’m losing it, this has to stop. Think Spidey, think! Everyone is quoting a movie line. Everything happening now is screaming action, sci-fi, and horror movies. It’s like…..it’s like this whole place is one big…….

~Spider Sense~

A thunder bolt crashed through an alien starship and landed behind Spidey, causing an explosion. Spider-Man went through a brick wall and rolled several yards on the ground before finally stopping himself. His suit was tattered and torn. Exposed skin was now cut and bruised. He was breathing hard and his entire body was in pain.

“Man of Spider!” Thor called out “Thou shall give up the location of——”

“SHUT UP!” Spidey screamed as his fist collided with the God of Thunder’s chin. Thor stumbled back and grew angry.

Spider-Man fled, swinging from building to building through the alien, H.Y.D.R.A, S.H.I.E.L.D, and Ninja battle. Thor and Iron-Man chased him to the edge of the city until they reached Hudson River. The broken robotic Godzilla was locked in battle with a gigantic ape in the middle of the bay.

Iron-Man’s thruster’s increased and he was soon in front of his fleeing prey. Spider-Man tried to evade but failed and felt the impact of the Iron Avenger’s right fist in his stomach. Spidey fell and bounced onto the roof of building. He coughed up some blood that splattered within his mask.

Iron-Man and Thor landed before him. They walked slowly towards the wall-crawler and readied their weapons.

Oh god. Aunt May. I’m so sorry.

“I extend an apology to thee on this day, Man of Spiders” Thor said has he raised his hammer in the air “but the Connor child must be found and——”

Suddenly, something landed behind the two Avengers. It was big, muscular, and it wore a well tailored suit and black sunglasses. The new arrival instantly tore off Iron-Man and Thor’s heads. Spider-Man gasped as The Hulk threw away the bodies like they were nothing.

“Mr. Anderson” Hulk said in perfect English “give me the location of Morpheus. I’m willing to wipe the slate clean, all I’m asking is for your cooperation.”

Spidey got to his feet. He was dizzy and his body felt broken, inside and out. “Ok,” he said “how about I give you the finger and you go to hell?”

Spider-Man shot his middle finger forward, and through exhaustion and pain, fell on his butt. The Hulk became angry and roared.

“Thought that’d be your answer” Spidey said as he shot a web line. He got up, ran as fast as he could, and jumped off the roof.

That’s where I was going…….got to get back to there…..have to find a way to end this…..maybe…..just maybe……

He swung towards the River, but nothing happened. There wasn’t any bright light. No prickly things. Nothing. The nightmare continued. Spidey hoped no one could hear him cry beneath his mask.

“Keep going Peter.”

“Uncle Ben, I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t……I can’t……”

“Keep going. You don’t give up. You can’t give up. Aunt May and I raised you to be too amazing for that nonsense.”

Hulk roared and Spidey felt a rush of adrenaline.

“Keep moving. Find a way.”

The web-head fired another web line and tried his best to get Godzilla’s attention. When he achieved this, he dodged the monster’s attack and landed on it’s head.

“Hey Hulk! I don’t think you’re the strongest one there is until you’ve beaten the best!”

“Hulk Smash!”

Hulk jumped at Godzilla and the King of Monsters responded in kind.

“If I’m dying today, then this is the fight I wanna see before it happens.”

Spider-Man used the giant Lizards body as a spring board and jumped towards the other side of the river away from Manhattan Island. Just as he got close to the other side, Spidey crashed into yet another wall. Only this time, he collided with the sky itself. He stuck to the atmosphere of the world like it were a normal flat surface. The sun was a couple of inches away from his face.

Everything continued. The war of freakish characters, the chaos, the destruction, all of it occurring behind him.


Spider-Man knocked on the wall of the world before him and heard the hollowness of the sky he clung too. He cocked his fist and, with all his might, punched the sky. He easily broke through and continued to punch to widen the hole. He then used the last of his strength to crawl in.




Spider-Man was in a warehouse. Rusty steel walls, ladders, broken lights, pillars of wood, and dusty floors and ceiling were his new surroundings. He tried to control his breathing through the pain.

“Hello?! Is anyone out there real?”

“Oh I’m the realist thing you’ve ever faced in your whole life.”

Spidey fell to his knees. He turned to a gigantic sphere that was half above ground and half underwater.

What is that? A Bio Dome? No way can that thing fit all of Manhattan.

“I have to thank you Spider-Man,” the voice said, it echoed throughout the warehouse “you were my experiment and you proved to be a huge success. The ultimate dome of alternate reality. I’ve been developing this gas for years and now you’ve just proved its power. I’m going to be so rich after I’ve murdered you.”

“Who is this, the Wizard of Oz?” Spidey asked “Who the hell just Truman-showed me?”

A bright burst of sunlight entered the warehouse. Spider-Man covered his eyes but could still hear what sounded like a descending platform. When the noise stopped and the light changed it’s direction, the source of the voice was revealed.

He wore a green latex suit with a purple cape. His most astonishing feature was the crystal ball-like helmet.

“My name is Mysterio,” the man said “and I am the master of reality.”

Mysterio’s voice was deep and every word had an echo to it. His helmet lit up as he spoke.

“Mysterio?” Spider-Man replied weakly “Dumb name,” he laid his head on the ground and curled into a ball. His body was in pain and his head was feeling incredibly light.

“You’re nothing but an adolescent child Spider-Man, you have no idea what power I possess.”

“You’ve created some kind of gas that’s been messing with my mind this entire time. The bio dome thing is more of a giant gas chamber and all those things that’ve tried to kill me, are robotic doubles you yourself have made. You kidnaped me sometime today which now that I think about it.  The bright light. My Spidey Sense. The prickly things, must’ve had some sedative to knock me out.”


“I’m also guessing you’ve been recording the whole damn thing, hence the levels of monitors, hard drives, and not to mention cameras I can see on the ceiling. You sir, are a master of filmmaking, and yet you couldn’t have found a better name than Mysterio? You suck.”

“I…..that’s impossible!” Mysterio cried “How the hell did you know all of that?”

“I’ve got another power. It’s called observation. Didn’t get that from the spider though.” Spider-Man said as he got to his feet “The fact is, you created a remarkable, real life, somewhat organic movie set, and instead on opening your own theme park or the next Disney Land, you used this thing to kill me for god knows what.”

Spidey’s migraine was disappearing. His strength was returning but his body was still racked with pain.

“Heroes,” Mysterio began “they’re nothing but a false representation of the human race. Everyday, millions of people around the world go and watch films to escape the dull reality of their lives. Everyday people go to watch their favorite comedies, horror flicks, and action movies to escape. They inspire, sadden, and above all, entertain. Heroes like yourself, you’re the real life version of that with only one difference: people actually believe what you are selling. You make people believe they can be better, that they can make this world better—–”

~Spider Sense~

Spidey could both hear and feel vibrations happening throughout the warehouse. The ceiling and walls began to rattle. The dome behind him began to rise from the water.

“Um….your Disney Land thing is moving…..”

Three steel legs slowly sprouted out from the structure while the fourth one continued to lift it into the air. The warehouse ceiling collapsed as the machine reached it’s ultimate height. Spider-Man dodged several pieces of debris as Mysterio made his way to the dome.

“But we both know the truth, don’t we Spider-Man?” Mysterio continued, a small hatch opened up by his feet. The dome was the size of a couple of submarines and hundreds of small lights spread out on its surface came on.

“Films and super heroes are the same thing. They’re make believe. All smoke and mirrors.”

Mysterio entered the dome. The machine made a roaring noise when it lifted one of it’s steel legs in the air.

~Spider Sense~

Spidey fired a stream of web and evaded the attack. The steel tentacle slammed through and destroyed the warehouse with one stroke. The wall crawler fell onto one of the pieces of floating steel and realized the Hudson River was beneath it.

Man, most of this is sewer water—–I’m gonna die in a sea of floaters.

The wall-crawler began to laugh. He was in too much pain to move much, but he was able to get to his knees.

“I’ve heard how you like to have the last laugh Spider-Man,” Mysterio’s voice came from the dome itself. “Guess this time, it’ll truly be your—-”

Something struck the dome on the right side. There was an explosion and the villain screamed as his machine nearly toppled over.

“See, this is the thing” Spider-Man said “You can’t live your life as a cynical jerk AND  be a Sci-Fi movie villain.”

Spidey and Mysterio’s dome robot was suddenly under the veil of a giant shadow. Hundreds of people lined the streets of the Hudson River and excitedly witnessed the ensuing battle.

“Did you call them?” Mysterio angrily asked.

“The cops? Nah, weren’t me mate,” Spider-Man replied “but I may have an idea of why S.H.I.E.L.D is here.”

Another blast occurred from the left side of the dome. The Helicarrier loomed over the Hudson River and soon released dozens of car sized aircraft.

“It’s probably because you have a giant freakin robot in New York City!” Spider-Man fired a stream of web and zip lined to the top of a nearby cathedral.

As the Mysterio went into battle with the S.H.I.E.L.D operatives,  Spidey shot out streams of web towards the legs of the dome. He kept them as small bundles in his hands.

Mysterio was distracted by the S.H.I.E.L.D aircraft attacking his machine and failed to notice the webs clinging the steel legs of his robot. Spidey, with the web lines in hand, jumped onto a passing S.H.I.E.L.D plane.

“Hello? Hello? Oh hey! Hi!” Spider-Man waved at the pilot “can you hear me!?!”

The pilot, though confused, nodded.

“Groovy! Ok, you mind swinging around beneath War of the Worlds there?”

Seriously, most of my bucket list has been crossed off today.

The pilot nodded once again. The aircraft zoomed forward. It used evasive maneuvers to weave through the attacks of the dome-bot. Spider-Man combined the web lines and held on as tight as he could. The multiple streams of web stuck on like liquid cement to the legs of the machine.

“Thanks for the ride!” Spidey shouted as he jumped off the aircraft and swung upwards to the belly of the dome. He applied most of his remaining web fluid to this spot and then looked over his handy work. In twenty minutes, Spidey was able to connect the legs of the dome together using the complicated shape of a spiderweb.

“Sometimes, I even impress my own damn self.”

“What?” Mysterio shouted “what have you done you annoying—-”

The fleet of S.H.I.E.L.D ships began attacking Mysterio’s robot on one side to tilt it over. Spider-Man crawled up the side of the dome not being struck by missiles.

“Why can’t I move? What have you done Spider-Man?!?”

A bolt of lighting struck the dome bot and sent it into the River. The Asgardian and Avenger, Thor, issued another strike and instantly depowered the machine. Iron-Man flew over head and fired a uni-beam from his chest. The right side of the dome exploded and it tumbled into the River.

Mysterio opened the hatch and released a plume of black smoke. The dome was exploding from within. The master of reality was barely able to escape before the flames reached him.

“S.H.I.E.L.D? The Avengers? You….you’re…..” Mysterio crawled forward on his hands and knees “you’re all a bunch of liars and…..and….fake idols….”

Spider-Man finally reached the villain and kneeled down, “you know what Mysterio? Besides the fact a three year old could’ve given you a better name, you do have a point.”

The wall crawler looked around. S.H.I.E.L.D, Thor, and Iron-Man stopped their attacks. The crowds of bystanders that watched the battle seemed generally excited at the sight of their heroes in action.

“I….I…..do?” Mysterio asked.

“Yeah, Cap, Iron-Man, and Thor, they’re all heroes we’d like to be, you know? They’re legendary and incredible, even amazing.” Spider-Man lifted Mysterio to his feet with one hand. “And you’re also right about escaping reality. Movies help that, you know why? Because there are idiotic people like you in the world. Oh and by the way, you’re plan was stupider than you’re name from the start. You wanted me to be the first hero to fall correct? Well haven’t you read the news? I’m not a hero at all—-”

He cocked his right fist back, “——I’m the friendly neighborhood pain in the ass!”

Spider-Man punched Mysterio full force and easily broke the ball helmet and shattered it. The body of the villain fell into the water. The costume was hollow and it’s mechanical insides buzzed as it fell.

“Knew it. Mysterio, I’ll find you one day.”

The crowds on the riverside cheered with joy. Spider-Man felt his phone vibrate. The Daily Bugle app on his phone showed it’s latest news update:


“Oh for Pete’s sake” Spidey grumbled.

“Good work Spider-Man,” Agent Philip Coulson said as he and a team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents combed the wreckage. They were the only ones standing on the dome.

“Um….thank you?”

“No problem. It’s better if you leave now, officially we’re suppose to arrest or put down the vigilante/public menace known as Spider-Man.”

“Oh,” Spidey said “What? Ok…..um if I may ask, what pray tell is stopping you guys? I’m guessing Fury is a fan.”

Coulson smiled and pointed to the star spangled Avenger talking to Iron-Man by the river bay.

“The Captain doesn’t believe what he hears in the news, Mr. Parker.”

“Well thank goodness for—–What!”

Coulson continued on smiling, “Bye-bye now.”





“Aunt May?”

“Oh Peter, you weren’t in Manhattan today, were you?”

Spider-Man painfully landed by a Gargoyle and leaned back on it. He talked into his bluetooth device.

“You mean for the giant robot vs Spider-Man battle? No Aunt May, the Bugle would never want pictures of that.”

“Peter, I just wish you’d keep yourself out of danger.”

“I’m fine Aunt May really, what’s up?”

“Oh yes, I was just wondering when you were coming home to change for your date? It’s in an hour. Did you forget?”

Spidey sighed, “Aunt May, I’m really tired from taking pictures of that stupid Spider guy causing trouble again.”

Aunt May laughed, “Petey you don’t really believe those ridiculous things about Spider-Man do you?”

“Well I……wait. You like Spider-Man?”

“Of course, he’s a hero.”

“…..Where’s the restaurant Aunt May?”




Peter Parker felt incredibly uncomfortable in Uncle Ben’s old dark brown suit. The restaurant wasn’t terribly fancy and the people around him were casually dressed. Occasionally, the patrons of the diner glanced at him and laughed. He was still in pain from the day’s events.

The waitress came over to him.

“Whoa, what lucky gal are you dating tonight?”

Peter looked up at the waitress and blushed.  He couldn’t help but stare at her figure in the uniform she wore. She laughed and snapped a couple of times to get his attention.

“Why don’t you tell me you’re name?”

“Oh” Peter stumbled “I’m—–”

“Peter Parker?!?” Liz Allen cried “you’re my date!?!”

Peter was just as shocked, “Liz! Um….hi! Yeah…..My Aunt May—-”

“—–And my Aunt Helen told me you were from the football team!”

Peter embarrassingly glanced at the waitress. She smiled, patted his shoulder, and awkwardly walked away.

“I…..I’m sorry I guess Liz…..”

“Whatever, Pete. And why are you wearing that suit? You’re dressed like an old man! This is unbelievable! I swear to God, this is the last time I let her do this to me! God!” Liz stormed out of the restaurant.

Peter placed his forehead on the table and even began to fall asleep. A couple of minutes later, a voice woke him up.

“Complimentary ice cream?”

Peter looked up to see the waitress sitting before him. A bowl of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate scoops of ice cream sat in the middle of the table. He smiled and took one of the spoons.

“Thanks” he said.

“No problem, Peter Parker” the waitress said as she grabbed another spoon and helped her customer with his free desert “Ice cream is the ultimate cure for a really shitty date.”

Peter smiled, “I did it for my Aunt.”

“What? The blind date with the bitch? Yikes. And you got dressed up and everything. You got a plan B?”

Peter’s cell phone buzzed. Gwen’s face was smiling at him from the screen of the phone. It was a text message: Hey Pete! Meet me for some pizza later K? You can’t say no. 😉 Gwen.

“Word of advice,” the waitress said “go with Gwen. Actually, go with anyone besides the girl who came in here today.”

Peter caught the name of the waitress on her badge. The red head continued to help herself to the ice cream, practically eating most of it herself.

“Thanks for – um – for this, MJ,” Peter said “I’m glad I met someone as cool as you tonight. I really needed it.”

“Well, you got ice cream, you got Gwen, and you got to meet me all in one night,” MJ said with a smile “Face it tiger, you hit the jackpot.”




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  • So does this mean the Original run is over?
    Anyway, it is good but isn’t that the wrong set of Avengers for Marvel Rebooted?
    Also it got REALLY weird in the middle, that was probably the point but maybe there is only so much weirdness that can be taken in a single sitting?

  • It is good, I feel you have Spidey down but isn’t that the wrong set of Avengers for Marvel Rebooted?
    Also it got REALLY weird in the middle, that was probably the point but maybe there is only so much weirdness that can be taken in a single sitting?
    Also does this mean that the original Storyarc is over?

  • And now two versions of my comment have been posted, Trying to post the comment was getting quite buggy.

  • I’m sure the Compton boys will be back to continue their run.
    As for the Avengers line up, Cap, Thor, and Tony will probably hook up at some point. When that happens, that’s where this will fall on the MRU timeline. Hope that clears up a little of the confusion.

    • Do you mean team up without the rest Avengers? Yeah it is just that Spider-man says they were all there when based on what I have read of he MRU they were not ALL there and is Black widow even part of it? I don’t know…

      • Hey Confused reader. I think I know went wrong. The scene where Spidey comes across The Avengers and says “They’re all here” is in Mysterio’s “movie dome”. The Avenger’s line up is the movie line up not the MRU team. At the end though, we see Iron Man, Thor, and Cap all together in the MRU. It’s my fault, I never clarified on what was what. I actually had a scene where Spidey says “hold up…..is that Downy Jr?” when he comes across The Avengers in the dome. I see I probably should’ve added that in. Once again I apologize. Thanks for reading!

        • That raises questions to how the dome works as wouldn’t Peter know those are not the right Avengers? Unless the Avengers movies exist in the MRU which would be odd especially since they don’t have all the correct Avengers in them compared to the MR.

          • I meant compared to the MRU.

  • All the crazy weird things Mysterio kept throwing at Spidey I thought was a lot of fun. I liked the movie references and the wackyness of it all. Great take on Spider-Man. I’d still love for the original arc to be finished by the Comptons, but this annual issue (which I’m guessing takes place in the future of the MRU?) was great. Keep them coming gents!