Write for Us!

Writing for Marvel Rebooted:
If you’d like to write for Marvel Rebooted, what you need to do is submit a pitch. The stories should be 2000-5000 words, and you’re going to want to proofread the hell out of them to make sure your grammar/spelling is at its best. This is your chance to show the editorial team that you’d be a good addition to the site rather than adding to their workload, so a good, solid story that doesn’t need a ton of editing and you’re golden.

A lot of characters are claimed in Marvel Rebooted, which does mean that you may need to go a bit further afield in picking what characters to write about. The big guys, like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, Spider-Man, etc. all have writers doing regular monthly books, and because new writers aren’t in on the discussions of continuity, it’d be really hard to write something that doesn’t contradict the voice or planned events for that character. So you’re welcome to pitch a story with a big name character, but it’s much more likely to get rejected as not fitting in with the Marvel Rebooted universe.

In addition, Marvel Rebooted has a couple of unusual features to keep in mind when writing.

One: Remember that we have a timeline, so our heroic age started to some extent with the Fantastic Four in the 1960s, and that some heroes existed in the past. So if you want to write, say, Moon Knight, that story has to be set sometime in the ’80s or early ’90s, when that character was active. In modern Marvel Rebooted continuity, he’s retired.

Two: It’s good to bring something new to the character, rather than just writing a story that Marvel Comics could publish. There’s no need to go too crazy on the twists (“In this universe, Katy Power is a sex robot!” isn’t gonna fly), but look at books like TC DeWitt’s Thor, or the Comptons’ Spider-Man, or Nick Budd’s Daredevil and Agents of SHIELD, or Nate Bliss’s Strange Tales, as just a few examples of how the concept is still true to the core, but it’s a very different take than what we’ve seen before. A new setting, a twist on the origin, or just a blending in of some neat elements from the movies or animated series can make a character work for Marvel Rebooted.

A lot of characters are claimed, but there are a few notable ones out there up for grabs, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghost Rider, Power Man & Iron Fist (set in the ’70s) and others. If you want to know if anyone’s using a character, you can ask by posting on the Marvel Rebooted Facebook fan page, though it might take a couple days to get a response.

Do your research! Read the stories on the site, look through the timeline, make sure your pitch fits in with the characters and the world we’ve been building, and make sure you’ve gotten the character right from the Marvel Universe side of things too. It’s OK to change the character, but you should know what the baseline is you’re working from.

Once your pitch one-shot is approved and written, if you’ve got an idea for a miniseries of 4-6 issues, you can pitch that to the editors. The pitch should include a one-line synopsis of what the book would be about, a list of characters you’d like to use along with you basic “take” on them and a short (one or two line) rundown of what each issue would contain.

You can send all pitches and Marvel Rebooted Presents stories to our current Editor in Chief, T.C. De Witt at tcsbighead@gmail.com.

There are a few characters who won’t be showing up in Marvel Rebooted, so don’t bother pitching them. They include: Nextwave (as a group – the individual members may well show up in the universe), Sentry, Blaquesmith, Maggot, Marrow. Not quite banned but very unlikely is SWORD.

Thanks for your interest! Good luck!